Port of Thessaloniki

Ferry Routes and Cruises
(Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece)

Thessaloniki offers one primary ferry route to various islands in the North Aegean Sea. This service is operated by Agoudimos Lines and departs once every week.

Thessaloniki to Lemnos

The ferry route from Thessaloniki to Lemnos is the first leg of a multi-stop journey through the Northern Aegean islands before terminating back on the mainland at Kavala.

The ship departs weekly and takes 8 hours to arrive at Lemnos. From the port of this small Aegean island, the same ferry will depart for Mitilini.

Thessaloniki to Mitilini

The port of Mitilini is 15 hours from Thessaloniki (6 hours, 40 minutes from Lemnos). After a brief 15 minute layover, the ship will disembark again to continue its onward journey to the port of Chios.

Thessaloniki to Chios

The same ship will dock at Chios 19 hours after leaving Thessaloniki (3 hours, 25 minutes from Mitilini). The vessel remains at port for 20 minutes before travelling on to Vathi.

Thessaloniki to Vathi

The weekly service to the port of Vathi takes a total of 22 hours, 20 minutes to complete (3 hours, 20 minutes from Chios). This travel time includes several stops in the Aegean before reaching Vathi.

Thessaloniki Port

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