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About Thessaloniki, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece)

Established some 2000 years ago, the port city of Thessaloniki began as a naval base for Macedonia.

Today, this modern, university city is a metropolis home to more than one million people. Cultural influences from the whole of the Balkan area converge here.

What to do in Thessaloniki

During the reign of the Byzantine Empire, the city of Thessaloniki was widely known for its scale and beauty. This historical aura is still on hand around the Byzantine Eptapirigion Walls, which are also called the Seven-Gated Walls. The Upper City is situated in this area and lends itself nicely to an afternoon promenade along cobblestone streets, where tourists will find wooden houses, street-side fountains, and quiet cafés.

Thessaloniki has a long-standing reputation for fine dining. Several local restaurants offer Greek and Macedonian cuisine. The nightlife of a metropolitan centre is also on hand, with plenty of nightclubs and hotels offering entertainment.

Tourist Attractions

Situated near the Turkish Consulate, the museum dedicated to modern Turkey's founder, Ataturk, is well worth a visit. The Jewish History Museum is also nearby and is where visitors can learn facts about the history of the Jewish population living in the city.

On the whole, the old city of Thessaloniki is home to a wealth of historic structures and sites of architectural interest. The surrounding region is also interesting, with ties dating back to Alexander the Great and his father, Philip II. The area is accessible by car, with avenues leading to plenty of architectural marvels connected with this ancient empire.

Thessaloniki Port

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