Port of Thessaloniki

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(Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece)

Thessaloniki is an ancient port city dating back 2000 years to the reign of Macedonia. Today, the city is a modern metropolis and university city that stands as a gateway to the region of the Balkans. With a population over one million strong, Thessaloniki is an important port as well as a cultural and commercial hub.

Facilities at the port include public telephones, luggage trolleys, information kiosks, waiting rooms, and cafés.

The terminal itself is located at the port entrance in a neo-classic building. It is accessible to those with disabilities and staff will assist passengers with their boarding if required.

The area around Thessaloniki has a rich history dating back to Alexander the Great and his father, Philip II. Excursions into the surrounding region uncover this legacy through archaeological sites and other ancient marvels.

Ferry Services

Agoudimos Lines runs a ferry service from the port of Thessaloniki to Varthi via Lemnos, Mitilini and Chios. It then makes its way to the port of Kavala. From Kavala, the same routine is repeated before the ship sails back to Thessaloniki.

The ferry docks at each of the smaller islands four times before returning to Thessaloniki - twice on the way to Kavala and twice on the way back. The complete duration of the trip is approximately one week. The ferry is equipped to accommodate those with disabilities though passengers are advised to inform Agoudimos Lines of any special requirements in advance of boarding the ship.

Contact Port of Thessaloniki:
Address: A'Provlita Limenos, Thessalonikis, 54110, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece, GR
Tel: +30 2 310 593 121
Fax: +30 2 310 510 500
Email: info@thpa.gr
Thessaloniki Port

Thessaloniki Port

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