Port of Thessaloniki

Ferries and Ferry Companies Operating
(Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece)

The primary company operating ferry service from the port of Thessaloniki is Agoudimos Lines.

This company runs a multi-stop journey through the North Aegean islands before doubling back and heading for the port of Kavala.

Agoudimos Lines

Agoudimos Lines has more than 30 years' experience at sea. This family-owned company currently connects Italy with Albania and Greece, as well as running cruises round the North Aegean.

The route from Thessaloniki is a multi-stop journey that docks briefly at the island ports of Lemnos, Mitilini, and Chios before reaching Vathi. The total travel time, including layovers, from Thessaloniki to Vathi is just over 20 hours. This journey is made once a week.

The ship employed is the Penelope. On-board facilities include comfortable lounges with airline style seating where passengers can relax. There are plenty of dining options, including an a la carte menu and a cafeteria. Alcoholic beverages are provided in the bars, and entertainment is available as well.

Those with disabilities are catered for, with wheelchair-friendly facilities and adapted rest rooms. Anyone with special needs is encouraged to contact Agoudimos Lines ahead of time to make any particular arrangements that may be necessary.

Thessaloniki Port

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